acne prevention

Acne prevention

Lifestyle tips and adult acne breakouts prevention:

1. Exercise regularly and, more importantly, take a shower after. Exercise can increase the circulation and oxygenation of your skin and fight free radical generation. It also promotes hormonal balance in your body. Hormonal disturbances are quite common in adult acne patients as androgens are massively involved in pathogensis of acne vulgaris. Acne prevention could be facilitated by any means, which bring hormonal balance to the body not only in hormonal acne but acne vulgaris in general. Thirty minutes, three times a week may be a minimum for an exercise program to be beneficial in your acne prevention routine.

2. Treat yourself with a 20-minutes relaxation everyday when you do not think of anything, just listen to the sounds around you, whatever they are and stop thinking about anything. Participation in Yoga or Tichi are among other methods to prevent breakouts. Relaxation can increase microcirculation of your skin and help your body to rid adult acne by bringing hormonal balance to your body. Low, moderate to high intensity exercises all are considered beneficial in maintenance treatment of acne.

3. Sleep enough. We recommend 8 hours of sleep every night. A deep sound sleep is even more important than number of hours you sleep. During deep sleep, the production of growth hormone is at its peak. Growth hormone helps absorption of various essential nutrients such as amino acids into the cells and healing of tissues throughout your body. Insufficient sleep contribute to hormonal imbalance and production of more sebum resulting in aggravation of acne breakouts. Sleep is the best way by which body renew itself overnight and gets rid of stress. This will boost your immune system to function more effectively in fighting against bacteria and involved inflammation. The hormone also stimulates your bone marrow, where your immune system cells are born. Another hormone produced during sleep is melatonin. This hormone inhibits tumors from growing, prevents viral infections, stimulates your immune system, increases antibodies in your saliva, has antioxidant properties and enhances the quality of sleep.

4. Even though many studies regards role of diet in acne vulgaris as equivocal, a diet rich in fibers, fruits and nuts and low in glycemic index seem to be helpful in acne prevention and control. What precipitates acne when it comes to type of foods is not an straightforward answer, however, certain considerations certainly helpful in maintenance treatment of acne.

Skin care tips to prevent blemishes:

1. Any valuable and effective acne skin care regimen may be consisted of at least three elements.
a) a cleanser especially helps with acne prevention b) a moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and nourished with essential fatty acids to control increase in sebum production and prevent acne c) a treatment fortified with antioxidants such as acne serum to get rid of inflammatory acne lesions

2. Steam your face not more than once a week with hot water. You can infuse two teabag of Chamomile in the hot water. Do not do this more than once a week. This will help deep cleansing of your skin pores and elimination of fat debris

3. Do not use wash clothes to clean your skin. Do not scrub your face with anything other than cotton balls as they may irritate your skin. Note that acne prone skin is very sensitive to mechanical stimulation

4. If you cannot afford a good cleanser, wash your face with regular white vinegar. Use cotton balls to spread the vinegar on your skin and wash your face after a few minutes. Hippocrates acne prone cleanser is a therapeutic cleanser which prevents bacterial colonization in the skin. It cleanses your skin while treating acne breakouts, soothing your skin and reducing its inflammation. Remember, prevention from acne scars requires prompt treatment of acne so a good cleanser worth it more that what it sounds.

5. Ensure use of a moisturizer for acne prone skin during the day while you are using acne treatments such as Retinoids or Salicylic acids at nights. Most acne treatments tend to get your skin dry. It is important to nourish your skin at the same time with a good moisturizer. Hippocrates acne prone Day Effect is a moisturizer engineered for acne prone skin to provide your skin with sufficient moisture and nutrients

6. Everyday cold/lukewarm showers are of crucial importance for acne prevention and control of oily skin. Taking showers sounds too simplistic, however, in time you be noticing how this simple exercise can aid your body to rid acne. Use a body wash or a shampoo instead of a soap. Soaps can overdry your skin, alter skin pH and stimulate sebaceous glands to produce more oils. Moisturize your skin after each shower. Once a week try a hot bath. After washing your body, fill the bath tub with hot water and one cup of either Epsom salts or sea salt. You can add some foam bath to the water too. Stay in for about twenty minutes. This once-a-week exercise along with everyday cold showers will help you to get rid of acne.

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