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Acne scars treatment kit

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Product Brief

Collagen rebuilding with tripeptide-5 1. Serum for acne scars treatment ; 2. Dermal repair serum; 3. Corrective Day Effect; 4. Facial Exfoliator

  • To efficiently eliminate acne scars and pigmentation spots by skin resurfacing
  • To help proliferate growth factors involved in collagen repair using, epidermal growth factor
  • To minimize and tighten the pores
  • To promote a natural radiant glow to the skin
  • To increase the skin tone and elasticity by working deep in the dermis layer and dermal repair
  • To stimulate the skin’s own healing mechanisms involved in formation of scarring
  • To retexturize the skin and increase skin smoothness
  • To promote and correct collagen remodeling deep within the dermis layer
  • To protect the skin against free radicals which impart a substantial impact on collagen network deterioration (serum for acne scars treatment is enriched in bioflavanoids)


  • Learn More About This Product

    The kit is a supply for 6-8 weeks. Four elements of this kit are not sold individually as they have synergistic effects with one another, which simply means one potentiates the impact of another. Serum for acne scars treatment is a potent serum with instructions which should be followed thoroughly. Its use may be gradually increased to allow the skin adaptation to new changes and more adroitly revoke its own viable bio-molecules implicated in wound healing mechanisms and pathogenesis of acne scars.

    In one week your skin starts to peel, new skin forms, dead cells fall off and your skin is resurfaced. Continuous use changes skin tone and texture. Your skin feels tighter and facial contours appear more tight upon touch as dermal fibers grow more rich and infiltrated in the scarred areas. Hyperpigmentation acne scar start to disappear within two weeks and your skin color becomes even throughout. Acne scars change into more shallow lesions everyday. In months you will notice some acne scars totally disappeared and deeper ones turn more superficial, acne spots and hyperpigmentations change into a memory of the past.

    Ideal candidate is someone with facial acne scars, regardless of your age and no matter how long has been past since formation of acne scars. Due to anti aging effects of this treatment kit, your skin substantially benefits from serum for acne scars treatment even if you don’t have any scarring and you may choose to continue using the same kit once all acne scars eliminated. Body scars tend to respond more slowly to this treatment kit. Body scars followed by injury rather than acne are more stubborn and their treatment takes longer period of time. Stretch marks can also improve with continuous use of this kit even though pathology of their development differs from that of acne scars.

    How to use acne scar treatment

  • How to Use

    Acne scar treatment serum must be used at night. It has a synergistic effect with corrective Day Effect and Dermal Repair serum. The four elements of the kit must be used together to produce the maximum result.

  • Other Specifications

    Absolutely no side effect. A serum-based technology which delivers effective ingredients more readily and increase potency of the product. Enriched with multitude of essential micronutrients to age-defy the skin. However, care should be exercised for using this regimen. This kit is not the same as any other cream you buy from a drugstore. Instructions should be followed carefully. Skin redness might occur from time to time. Can you prevent it? Yes, you can. Please read our page on how to use the serum and FAQs. Very sensitive skin should start with not more than five drops each night. Gradually you can increase this amount as your skin adapts to the products.