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Follicle Treatment, Hair loss serum

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Product Brief

Hair loss serum, a growth factor based treatment to aid follicle regeneration. An age proofing approach to hair loss, a DHT blocker

  • To stimulate hair follicle by blocking 5-alpha reductase enzyme
  • To renew the scalp, unclog hair follicles and help with follicle regeneration using epidermal growth factor
  • To address chronic inflammation which imparts to pathogenesis of the disease
  • To nourish the scalp by ingredients it needs the most, hair loss serum is rich in gamma linolenic acid, GLA
  • To increase scalp micro-circulation and oxygenation of the follicles
  • To stimulate hair follicle by blocking androgen receptors and reducing DHT level
  • To protect against oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation involved in premature hair loss, this hair loss serum is enriched in alpha lipoic acid, bioflavanoids and polyphenols

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    No minoxidil for life

    Follicle treatment serum is a solution for treatment of alopecia areata, an auto-immune disease, and hair loss, in a more broad term, based on medicinal plants, cosmetics-grade ingredients and drug free. The hair loss serum pivots on elements found in nature and body’s own mechanisms to heal itself for hair growth.

    This anti aging approach to hair loss addresses several pathologies in development of the disease in which a cascade of interactions impart to progression of thinning hair. Unlike drugs offered by big pharma, this approach does not rely on one single drug but employs a plethora of effective ingredients in synergy to fray the pathogenesis of alopecia areata.

    Burden of the disease in alopecial areata

    One recent Harvard study suggests how meager physicians counselings are in providing education about accessible treatment options and how often they fail to address burden of the disease and consider quality of life of patients pursuing corticosteriods injections or use of minoxidil, an anti-hypertensive drug, for life.

    Reactive oxygen species stoke auto-antigen generation

    In unison with other dermatological diseases, such as psoriatic skin disease and atopic dermatitis, oxidative stress is perceptibly implicated in pathology of alopecia areata. Free radicals give rise to auto-antigens, and upregulation of MHCI in keratinocytes and melanocytes. It is, then, CD8+ cells responsible for production of IL-2, IL-15 and INF-γ, which further aggravates the course of the disease by causing keratinocytes death.

    While reactive oxygen species, ROS, are generated under environmental conditions, sun exposure, and life styles, smoking, chronic inflammation and advanced glycation end-products, AGEs, end are two major endogenous nascence and has been dealt with in development of the hair loss serum to restore epidermal homeostasis.

    Blunted effect of paraoxonases, PON1, has also been identified as contributory to pathology of hair loss, accounting for oxidative stress role and direct us to ways to manipulate this grave axis.

    *DHT, dihydrotestosterone, is an androgen hormone recognized to have an increased level in hair thinning and hair loss, implicated in pathology of alopecia areata. 


  • How to Use
    Instructions to use hair loss serum

    Instructions to use hair loss serum

    How to use hair loss serum

    The hair loss serum is a high-potency serum and instruction to use may be followed thoroughly to achieve favorable outcomes. It could be used twice a day once in the morning and once at night before retiring. Empty the dropper content into the bottle before shaking the bottle to activate the formulation before each use. Apply ten to twenty drops to your scalp and hair roots and not rest of your hair. Once applied, slight tingling would be felt, which goes away within minutes. Continuous use is crucial to achieve the best results.

  • Other Specifications

    Hair loss serm leaves no residues on your hair so you can use it comfortably at night. Follicle Treatment is a two months supply. Should be applied to the scalp and hair roots and not rest of your hair.