Hippocrates dermatology skin care research team explores the nature utilizing the cutting edge technologies and the latest scientific findings to discover the most effective formulas for varieties of skin disorders from psoriasis to atopic dermatitis, acne vulgaris, acne scars, rosacea as well as anti aging skin care. Harmony with nature a byword our research team has been dedicated to.

Our dermatology innovations are based on a holistic approach to treatment using drug-free, cosmetic-grade ingredients, leveraged by intrinsic properties of medicinal plants according to our commitment to nature to help one manage burden of disease.

Our age managing approach involves coming to terms with aging process while feeling calm and connected to the universe and looking great. This scientific approach is not to battle aging, but rather to get to know it, live with it peacefully and look mysteriously young.

Progressive evidence-based skin care formulary is both the heart and the definition of the Hippocrates’ natural formulations. At Hippocrates, quality will not be compromised by anything including the price. We are continually striving for better solutions and new ways to improve our dermatologic formulations. We believe in the philosophy of “there can be no limits to improvement”.

While for years our endeavors have been aspired to engage with nature and botanical ingredients, well recognized in medical literature, to develop dermatology products we have not hesitated to leverage the latest findings in molecular biology and genetical engineering to reinvent premium formulations for multitude of skin disease and conditions using cosmetic-grade ingredients.