Acne treatment kit

Acne treatment kit

30 ml - 1 fl.oz, 60 ml - 2 fl.oz, 180ml - 6 fl.oz
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Product Brief

Acne treatment

Acne treatment kit is an evidence-based skin care for treatment of acne vulgaris, contains three products:

  1. Acne treatment serum;
  2. Regulating Day effect;
  3. Balancing pore-cleanser and toner

All encompassing control of inflammatory acne by addressing all aspects of pathogenesis of acne vulgaris, which includes sebum dysregulation, hyperconification of sebaceous ducts, bacterial colonization and inflammation. Acne treatment kit aim:

  • To purify the skin and clarify the pores inside out
  • To eradicate bacteria, Propionibacterium acnes, residing in skin pores and control bacterial colonization
  • To regulate the skin secretions, control sebum production and balance skin homeostasis, concurrent with skin’s moisturization
  • To counteract hormonal imbalance at dermal-epidermal level
  • To even tone the complexion and eliminate skin discolorations, kojic acid
  • To minimize and tighten the pores
  • To control inflammatory cytokines and relieve skin’s stress employing epidermal growth factor
  • Reliably effective in treatment of closed and comedonal acne, whiteheads and blackheads


  • Learn More About This Product

    Acne Treatment kit, a multidisciplinary approach to treatment of acne vulgaris, is a supply for two months, comprises of three formulations: 1- Acne treatment serum, a concentrated acne serum to retexturize the skin and control sebum secretion. It also tighten the pores and resurface the skin to improve scarring appearance. 2- Day Effect, a sebum regulating moisturizer to balance secretions, regulate sebum, attenuate inflammation and sooth the skin using the finest botanical extracts 3- One-Step Pore-Cleanser and Toner, a formulation that targets bacterial colonization and cytokines production to effectively control inflammatory acne. The three acne skin care products in acne treatment kit have a synergistic effect in order to produce a more effectual result and using them together very much suggested.

  • How to Use

    The serum must be used at night. It has a synergistic effect with Day Effect acne prone skin and One-step Cleanser and Toner acne prone skin. These three products must be used together to produce the maximum result. This kit is a two months supply.

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