Acne skin care

Acne skin care revolutionized by sebum-regulating serums

Treat acne as well as scarring with high-potency serums:

What are serums? Serums have been widely recognized in pharmaceutical medicine to be the most direct, targeted and fastest acting therapeutic delivery system. They also are also the most complete and effective method to penetrate layers of the skin with a targeted mission. We use serum technology in its acne skin care preparations to effectively dry out facial acne and body breakouts. You should be aware of two important points regarding treatment of acne. First, six to eight weeks of therapy may be required before a significant improvement is noted even though a gradual amelioration is seen from the first week of application. Second, body lesions including back, chest and shoulder lesions respond more slowly to treatment than do breakouts of acne on the face.

Skin purification kit includes:

1. Acne Treatment Serum

2. Day Effect cream for skin prone to acne

3. One-Step Pore Cleanser and Toner

“acne Treatment serum”, a multifunctional serum for skin purification:

Acne treatment is a skin purifying serum to eliminate acne and prevent breakouts:

This serum counteracts hypercornifications of sebaceous ducts, proliferation of sebocytes, one of the main mechanisms in development of acne

Acne Treatment serum decreases androgen hyperactivity at pilosebaceous ducts, the most likely initiating factor in acne and comedones formation

This skin purifying serum minimizes and tighten the pores

Acne treatment serum calms the skin and reduces inflammation activated by several factors including propionibacterium acnes, residing bacteria in the skin pores, androgens upregulation and change in skin surface lipids.

This skin serum eliminates acne spots and skin pigmentation changes as a result of acne and refine the skin by revealing a brighter, more even-toned complexion using hydroxy acids such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid.

Botanical extracts helps with skin purification, reactivatioin of natural defenses of the skin and subsiding the inflammation to prevent breakouts.

This anti-oxidant complex containing lipoic acid and polyphenols have been employed to prevent free radical formation and lipid peroxidation in the skin which results in aggravation of acne in face and body including comedones, blackheads and whiteheads. Propionibacterium acnes, an anaerobic pathogen, plays an important role in the pathogenesis of acne by inducing certain inflammatory mediators, pro-inflammatroy cytokines and creation of reactive oxygen species (ROS).

“Day Effect”, acne cream for regulation of skin secretions:

Another acne skin care product which works in synergism with Acne Treatment, a sebum regulating cream with main function of controling acne during the daytime. While “Serum” is a treatment for acne, controlling breakouts during the night, this essential treatment cream takes care of problem skin during the day.

A strong correlation exists between the amount of skin lipids produced and the degree and severity of acne. Skin’s sebaceous glands production is under hormonal influence. “Day Effect” regulate the skin secrections, balance skin homestasis and moderate the sebum excretion by a mechanism known in pharmacology as “down regulation”. This regulating skin care treatment, acne cream, provides the skin with essential moisture, adjust skin secretions by providing lost acyl-ceramides and control sebum production. Find out how to use acne treatment.

“One-Step Cleanser and Toner” for acne prone skin:

There is irrefutable evidence proving that some Gram-negative bacteria not found in normal follicles of the skin are present in acneous skin and responsible in pathology of acne. Clinical efficacy with specific treatment has been examined by several lines of study to highlight bacteriostatic and bactericidal property of these modalities against well-known organisms in etiopathogenesis of acne vulgaris. Benzoyl Peroxide has a dramatic effect on cutaneous micro-organisms, reducing the number of skin surface Propionibacterim acnes and Staphylococcus species. P.acnes colonization alters amount and composition of skin lipids and elicits an inflammatory response. Another critical aspect to fine-tune an effective approach to managemnt of in particular acne cleansers acne directs toward the implication of pH of skin and intervention in acid mantle which may lead to activation of inflammatory processes at the level of sebaceous follicles.  Acne pore cleanser, another acne skin care product by Hippocrates, has been created with the following goals to promote a clear skin:

  • Inhibits bacterial colonization in follicles and sebaceous glands
  • Controls inflammatory cytokines to regulate sebum
  • Provides lost nutrients, which exacerbate inflammatory process
  • Protects against lipid peroxidations, cytokines pathways activation and temper inflammation
  • Restores anti-microbial proteins such as psoriasin and calprotectin
Frequently asked questions regarding scarring and acne damaged skin

This serum, part of our acne skin care,  is also a treatment for acne scars as well as a treatment for blemished skin. For those whose acne have stopped for at least six months, there is another serum for acne scars, a more potent formula by Hippocrates called acne scars treatment.

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Why Acne treatment kit is not oil free?

Oil free products came into market with this idea that oils can clog the skin pores, especially a fat-abundant environment in acneous oily skin with overzealous sebaceous glands,  disregarding an important research finding that certain oils and fatty acids may regulate the sebum and balance skin secretions as acne vlugaris disintegrates composition of sebum through several mechanisms.

Upregulation is one pharmacological principle behind Hippocrates’ acne treatment kit. The drier the skin the more stimulation for activity of sebaceous glands. Research studies indicate change in skin surface lipids not only quantatively but also qualitatively. Nnutrients inculding many essential fatty acids become depleted in the skin of acne patients compare to that of normal skin.

Acne Treatment serum, Day Effect as well as One-Step Cleanser provide these essential fatty acids to the skin and restore the natural skin ‘s mantle, changed by andrgens hyperactivity, P. acnes colonization and inflammatory processes.