Target chronicity of a dermatological disease with skin care:

Ample evidence insinuates faith in use of emollients plus with active, non-medicated substances which bridge the interplay between petrolatum and corticosteroids in treatment of atopic dermatitis and aim to protract remissions, efficiently deal with chronicity of the disease.

skin care treatment for atopic dermatitis disease
Atopic dermatitis cream

Free radical medicine:

Free radicals the leading cause of cell damage. Mitochondrial degeneration theory of maturation.

oxidative stress and photo aging
Free radicals dermatology

DHT Blockers at the front line of treatments for hair loss, rebuttal of a shift in alopecia areata treatments:

Follicle Treatment a treatment for hair loss with promising results renews itself to maintain leverage over the competition, restores metabolic homeostasis of the hair follicle.

hair loss treatment for alopecia areata disease
Hair loss treatment

Sport supplements link to disordered eating:

Workout supplements excessive use may culminate into eating disorder and may explain underlying psychological distress, study suggest. Workout supplements

Why men need different skin care:

Sophisticated, effective, straighforward, serums for men addresses a man's specific skin care concerns.

skin care treatments for mens skin
Men's skin treatments

AHA's, a two-edged sword

Despite known revitalizing effects attributed to alpha hydroxy acids in antiaging skin care products,

alpha hydroxy acids merits and pitfalls
AHA's may be used with more caution .

High potency anti aging serums:

Serums have been recognized as the most efficient vehicles to deliver ingredients with therapeutic effects. Serums, the most complete method to penetrate layers of the skin with a targeted mission are placed at the heart of Hippocrates formulations.

high potency anti aging serums
High potency serums

Return to nature, a prevailing promise:

serums the most efficient vehicles to deliver active ingredients, medicinal plants, botanical elements, to the skin. Our tenacious attachment to that original relation with nature and productions of insights and not of prescriptions is pivotal to our strategies in dermatology innovations.

green environment
Dermatology innovations


Alopecia areata revisited

Minoxidil for life? or a scientific approach to medicinal plants. Which one truly deals with burden of the disease and quality of life of the patients. Lack of transparency about treament volitions..

hair loss serum
Follicle growth reactivating serum

Adjunctive treatments for psoriatic skin disease

How often adjunctive topicals, namely active emolients, are dismissed in treatment of psoriasis. Latest clinical practice guidelines rewake concerns to dermatologists who tenaciously drill single systemic agents, leaving adjunctive daily skin care derelict.

topical treatments for psoriatic skin disease
Psoriasis topical daily cream

Hippocrates research

Hippocrates dermatological research team explores the nature utilizing the cutting edge technologies and the latest findings to discover the most effective skin care formulas for various dermatological diseases and skin conditions. Harmony with nature a byword our research team has been dedicated to.

dermatology research
Dermatology research

Oxidative stress and photo aging

appear to be two major concurrent, yet distinct issues involved in a aging cell and its death. Inspecting these issues and looking into "nature" to find the best ways to deal with this process features our mission.

free radicals in dermatology
Oxidative stress

A review of acne treatment

Acne is still one of the most frequently seen chronic skin diseases and is the commonest dermatological disorder of adolescents. Patient's compliacnce to pharmacotherapy has been one of the greatest concern of medical sociiety in treating acne. Adolescent and adult acne is a disease affecting piloscebaceous follicles, left untreated may lead to acne scars

dysbiosis in acne treatment
Acne therapeutics

Reassuring effects of High potency serums for Acne Scar Treatment, two times more effective than laser skin resurfacing

Of great concern to patients with moderate to severe acneous skin is residual acne scar and its treatment. Although scarrings may occur with only minor acne., most scarring lesions are result of more severe forms of acne or more persistentt lesions. Acne treatment should be initiated early and adequately. Scar development is more likely if the acne has been left untreated or inadequately treated.

acne scars treatment assessment
Acne scar treatment

Dermal repair complex, a formulation for sagging skin

Firming skin care serum, developed for sagging skin, contains optimal concentration of L-ascorbic acid (the form of vitamin C that the body can recognize and utilize for collagen synthesis), seaweed peptides and alpha lipoic acid to work well on areas of the face that are prone to develop wrinkles, age spots or sagging. Growth factors have been leveraged in innovation of dermal repair complex to restore metabolic function of the dermis. Dermal repair serum