Anti aging moisturizer

Day Effect, anti aging moisturizer

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Product Brief

Corrective anti aging moisturizer lift

with growth-factor based with ceramides, seaweed peptides and ester-C complex, an element of evidence-based skin care

  • To rejuvenate and restore the skin depleted elements as a result of aging by increasing natural hygroscopic agents within corneocytes
  • To greatly reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles by increasing skin’s ability to moisture retention
  • To nourish the skin with micronutrients, amino acids, vitamins and gamma linolenic acid, GLA, this anti aging moisturizer enhances stratum corneum intercellular lipids
  • To protect the skin against free radicals and oxidative damage by flavonoids, polyphenols and alpha lipoic acid
  • To improve skin elasticity and firmness, your at-home lift up regimen, enriched with ceramides
  • To provide the skin with essential fatty acids to deter transepidermal water loss, a predisposing factor to more skin insults as it compromises stratum corenum barrier function
  • To replenish and lock moisture inside skin cells with glycosaminoglycans and glycoproteins
  • To reduce signs of aging skin by activating natural dermal elements to rebuild collagen. This transepidermal hydrator is in synergy with Day Treatment, dermal repair complex and Night Treatment, anti aging night serum to complete an anti aging skin care regimen throughout day and night. For eye contours, this cream may be worn over three minutes after application of anti aging eye serum.

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    It has a synergistic effect with Day Treatment and Night Treatment . These three products may be used together to produce maximum result. Could be used at any time in any amount, best used three minutes after application of Day Treatment. My be used in a thicker layer after a hot bath as a mask and washed away after twenty minutes.

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