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Serum for acne scars, skin resurfacing home treatment

Acne scars treatment kit

The acne scars treatment kit is as effective as office procedures such as laser resurfacing or peels in reduction of scars, a supply for two months. Skin care regimen of four-pieces scar treatment kit, supply of two months, is bioengineered to repair acne scarring through skin resurfacing concurrent with collagen remodeling deep within dermis layer, the skin layer just deeper to epidermis. Scars of any type will be affected and reduced in appearance by this skin resurfacing serum for acne scars. Overall texture of the skin will change over time in terms of tone, firmness and smoothness. Skin’s discolorations and acne spots become a memory in just no time, less than two months. While less costly in comparison to dermatology procedures, serums are a viable option for those who still have inflammatory lesions and considered effectual skin care treatment for acne vulgaris as well.

Serum for acne scars treatment, acne scars serum, acne scars exfoliator, acne scars cream

Serum for acne scars treatment, Dermal repair serum, corrective Day Effect, acne scars cream, Facial exfoliator

Product efficacy and result

In one week your skin starts to peel, new skin forms, dead cells fall off and your skin is resurfaced. Continuous use of serum for acne scars changes skin tone and texture. Your skin feels tighter and is more tight upon touch, dermal changes take longer to be noticed. Hyperpigmentations and dark spots start to disappear within two weeks and your skin color becomes even throughout. Acne scars change into more shallow lesions everyday. In months you will notice some totally disappeared and deeper ones are more superficial.

serum for acne scars

Acne scars treatment serum

Who can use acne scars serum?

Ideal candidate is someone with atrophic acne scars. Regardless of your age and no matter how long has been past since formation of acne scars your skin benefits from using this treatment even if you don’t have any scarring. Body scars tend to respond more slowly to serum for acne scars. Body scars followed by injury rather than acne are more stubborn and their treatment takes longer period of time. Stretch marks also can benefit from serum for acne scars home treatment even though pathology of their development differs from that of acne scars.

Best serum for acne scars may be incorporated into a regimen in which a nourishing hydrator complement skin resurfacing work of the serum. Corrective transempidermal hydrator infuse the skin with essential nutrients to allow revamp of cellular and interceullular matrix.

acne scars moisturizer

Corrective transepidermal hydrator for acne scars

Side effects of the skin product

Absolutely none. However, care should be exercised for using this regimen. This kit is not the same as any other cream you may buy from a drugstore. Instructions should be thoroughly followed. Skin redness might occur from time to time. Can you prevent it? Yes, you can. Please read our page on how to use the serum. Very sensitive skin should start with not more than fiver drops each night. Gradually you can increase this amount as your skin adapts to the products.

Anti aging serum of dermal repair complex

Acne scars serum of dermal repair complex, developed to rebuild collagen and repair the dermis


How to use treatment serum for acne scars

Use acne scars treatment every night on cleansed, dry skin and “Day Effect” during the days to heal and repair your skin. At nights before applying “Acne scar serum” check for skin redness. If there is an obvious redness, use Day Effect instead and let your skin heal. Read also application of scars serum.2. Use Dermal Repair in the morning after scrubbing your face using Facial Exfoliator. Leave Dermal Repair for one minute before applying Day Effect.3. Scrub your face once a week after a hot bath followed by application of generous amount of moisturizer. Scars serum can leave your skin drier than normal. This serum is a concentrated formula and extreme care must be exercised in using it.4. Apply generous amount of a nourishing moisturizer such as Day Effect to prevent your skin from dryness every morning. Keep your skin moisturized during the day while you are using Acne Scar Serum overnights

Facial exfoliator

Facial exfoliator is another element of 4-product kit for treatment of acne scars

Skin care regimen

Wear a sun screen during the day while using the serum for acne scars at nights. A good sun screen should protect against UVA as well as UVB. Physical sunscreens tend to be less likely in forming free radicals compare to chemical sunscreens. Using this at-home scar regimen your acne scar begin to flatten within 3 months. You will also notice a general improvement in your skin condition such as radiance and glow. However, you must be patient to see the complete eradication of your scars. Severe acne scars may never completely vanish.


Sunscreen to be used while using acne scars treatment kit

Acne Treatment Kit, an alternative choice

For those who still experience active acne lesions, acne treatment kit would be a more helpful choice which allows clearing the skin while resurfaces the skin and reduce appearance of acne scars with not as brisk effect as that of acne scars serum.

Acne treatment kit

Acne treatment kit reduces appearance of acne scars for those with active acne lesions

What type of acne scars can be treated?

Serum for acne scars and dark spots my be used for treatment of any type of scars remained as a result of acne vulgaris, see photos, such as ice-pick scars, box scars, pitted and rolling scars as well as hyperpigmentation areas and dark spots.

ice-pick scars may be treated with serum for acne scars

Ice-pick scars may be treated with serum for acne scars

rolling scars treated with serums

Rolling scars before treatment with acne scars serum