How to use acne treatment

How to use acne treatment

Who may use Acne Treatment Kit

Acne treatment kit has been bioengineered to treat adult as well as adolescent mild to moderate acne vulgaris, purify the skin and eradicate acne residues such as acne scars and discolorations. For severe acne such as cystic acne marked by inflammatory nodules and pustules please see your physician. These three products even though developed in harmony with nature and conscientious to the environment, they may not be regarded in the range of acne treatment natural products.  Care must be exercised in using Acne serum since it is a highly potent serum with therapeutic effects. If you are using acne treatment kit to get rid of acne scars and your skin has been cleared from acne for long time (more than one year) you may use Acne scar treatment serum instead as a more effective approach to treat skin scarring. Please note we use acne serum and acne treatment serum on this page alternately.

Acne Treatment serum synergy with Day Effect and One-step Cleanser and Toner

Acne serum is part of a skin care regimen for acne prone skin. Acne Treatment may be used along with a moisturizer for acne prone skin ( such as Hippocrates Day Effect acne prone ) and a cleanser for acne prone skin ( such as Hippocrates One step pore-Cleanser and Toner acne prone ). These three formulations using different acne treatments, each target a different culprit in acne vulgaris pathogenesis, have synergistic effect to clear the skin thoroughly and efficiently.

You may use Acne Treatment serum for the following reasons:
  • To clarify the skin and control adult acne cysts, blemishes, comedonal acne (white heads and black heads)
  • To purify the skin, regulate skin secretions and restrain overzeaolous sebum production
  • To retexturize and resurface the skin and eradicate acne scars
  • To eradicate discolorations, skin pigmentation spots and even-tone the skin
  • To protect the skin against free radicals and signs of aging
  • To minimize and tighten skin pores
How to use acne treatment

Acne serum is a potent two-phase serum commonly used under supervision of a dermatologist. However you may not need this supervision if you follow these instructions thoroughly.

Before applying “Acne serum” check your entire face and neck for redness. If there is an obvious redness in your skin take that night off “Acne Treatment”. Instead apply “Day Effect” generously. If there is not an obvious redness in your skin you can cleanse your entire face and neck using a cotton pad and “one-step Cleanser and Toner”. Wait for a few minutes till your skin completely dry. Open the bottle of “Acne Treatment serum” and empty the dropper inside the bottle. Close the bottle and shake it very well before each use. Apply twelve to fifteen drops of acne serum ALONE at night on cleansed dry skin (your entire face and neck except for around the eye area) using one of your fingertips. Leave it for several hours probably the whole time you sleep. Upon application a tingling sensation may be felt. This sensation fade away gradually. Very sensitive-skin may experience a slight redness in face. If the redness becomes persistent, you may give your face one night rest and skip using acne treatment only for one night.

How to use acne treatment in the morning: cleanse your entire face and neck with “One-Step Cleanser and Toner” using a cotton pad. Wait till your skin completely dry, follow with “Day Effect”. You can use “Day Effect” as much as you like, anytime you feel your skin is dry. Do not use acne serum during the day.

**Important tip:

Do not scrub your face until your skin is quite clear from any acne lesion.
Use a cotton ball and the cleanser to get rid of loosen scales accumulated on surface of your skin.

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