Facial acne scars

Facial acne scars management


Facial acne scars as opposed to body scars should be distinguished in terms of treatment. Also patients tends to be more self conscious toward any changes in their facial complexion. Scarring usually occurs following an injury (accident, surgery, burn, acne) when multiple layers of the skin has been affected. On occasion raised pink hypertrophic facial scars can result in severe disfigurement following acne inflammation. However, most facial acne scars are of atrophic nature, depressed lesions. Facial lesions are more readily healed following an inflammation due to richer circulation of the area. In contrast, body scars tend to be more stubborn and less responsive to different treatments. Once they are to be treated, it should be noted that there is no way to remove facial scars completely. The goal is to improve the appearance of face and body skin scars by minimizing its prominence. Skin color and type, age, and the type of scarring, are all important factors that must be considered.

Facial acne scars with pigmentation changes

Freckles are a form of skin hyperpigmentation, produced by an increase of melanin pigment within basal melanocytes. In freckles, there is no hyperplasia of melanocytes, rather increase in melanin within melanocytes is observable. Freckles are seen as maculopapular lesions, brownish in color. These skin hyperpigmentation spots could be treated with kojic acid or hydroquinone preparations usually in the form of cream or gel. Our skin care line offers many formulations which target freckles and age spots, among them, scars treatment serum is very effective in eliminating freckles and even toning the skin.

Age spots are another form of facial acne scars with hyperpigmentation, more commonly seen in fair skin individuals and appear as maculopapular lesions on sun exposed areas. Overproduction of melanin or decrease in its elimination may cause this clumping of melanin in epidermis. Aging and prolonged sun exposure are among the primary causes, however, role of genetic factors can not be overlooked. They are more commonly seen on the face, back of the hands and other areas more subject to sun exposure. Among the products that effectively treat age spots are Night Treatment and Scars Treatment kit.

Facial acne scars without pigmentation changes

These scars range from hypertrophic scars such as keloids or scars with atrophic changes such as icepick scars. Acne scars can fall into both category it may or may not be associated with pigmentation changes. Skin care treatment for acne scars without pigmentation changes is essentially different and requires modalities with skin renewing abilities.

To revise facial acne scars using office procedures more than one technique may be required, and for some individuals more time than expected is needed due to highly individualistic nature of scars and the affected individuals. Variety of methods are available to reduce the prominence of keloid or hypertrophic facial lesions, among them dermabrasion and laser resurfacing. These methods could be considered before or after surgery. Skin care products are less effective on keloids and hypertrophic scars. However they may work quite effectively on atrophic acne scars and icepick scars. Among non surgical face scarring revision options are steriods, non mitogens, filler injections.

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At home skin resurfacing regimen helping to improve appearance of facial as well as body scars

Facial acne scars tend to respond more readily to treatment as skin circulation in the face is abundant compare to that in the rest of the body. Scars less than two months should be left with no treatment as skin healing process is still at work. After this period you can choose to have a office procedure or at home skin care regimen to treat scarring and improve your skin appearance.

We have developed an skin care tailored for damaged skin and acne scars using high-potency serums. This facial treatment alters your skin dramatically within one month. What will be more noticeable is the glow and smoothness in your skin rather than scars. Complete facial removal of scarring may never occur, yet, your skin will divert into a skin strikingly different in terms of overall smoothness and radiance. Read also frequently asked questions.

This regimen for facial acne scars and freckles takes six to twelve months to smooth away skin scars, depends on their location and depth. Resurfacing serum works on the surface of the skin, epidermis, as well as deep within the dermis layer. It benefits from retexturizing properties of different renewal agents such as retinol, AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) and BHA’s (beta hydroxy acids) for scars and stretch marks. This kit for body and face scars also provides the skin with the nutrients it needs the most to make up for lost nutrients while the epidermis involves with rigorous skin renewal. Dermal Repair serum is to corrects collagen realignation and stimulate connective tissue synthesis. The result is a new skin, where scarring is hardly recognizable because overall smoothness of the skin overwhelms the gradually-disappearing scars, acne spots and facial freckles. Please remember, we do not promise miracles, yet we do promise results.

The resurfacing treatment changes the overall appearance of your skin from tone and texture to resiliency and smoothness. The skin becomes noticeably smoother and younger, while the appearance of face scarring and hyperpigmentation acne spots diminishes. General smoothness of your skin undermines the gradually fading scars. Please navigate through our site to become more familiar with the choices you have to treat scars.

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