Acne scars treatment, Questions and Consultation

FAQs on acne scars treatment & Hippocrates advice

What makes my acne to generate a scar?

acne scars treatment

Acne scars treatment

Does touching pimples increase the risk of acne scars formation? What precautions should I take?
Many factors are involved. Many studies suggest that inflammatory acne such as nodulocystic acne is more prone to produce skin scarring. The longer inflammation persist the more likely it is to leave a sequel, what we call an scars. This means if one pimple can stay there for more than one week, it’s more likely to produce scarring. Therefore, don’t neglect your acne even for a short period, acne scars treatment should be initiated promptly and effectively. We tend to ignore mild acne, however, this can exacerbate to more severe forms in stress times. Those cysts almost always leave a scar. Certainly, touching your pimples is not a good practice. Why? because tip of our fingers and nails usually is a place where staphylococcus resides, a microorganism implicated in pathology of acne, that may result in adding infection to your pimples. Surely, you wash your hands with soap several times a day, but this does not eliminate staphylococcus from tip of your fingers and under your fingernails. By touching your acne if you aggravate your acne condition, definitely you are taking more risk in producing scarring. Other mechanical contacts such as your pillow, your hair when it comes to touch with your face could cause the same thing.

How about Dermal Repair, what does it do?

Dermal Repair contains tripeptide which is known to help stimulation of collagen repair by activating growth factors. Growth factors are the same elements that are activated during wound healing and dermal repair. This acne scars treatment formulation is uses synergy of tripeptide with other elements knows for their help in dermal stimulation of connective tissue fibers. Dermal repair also provides the skin with protective antioxidants such as bioflavanoids and lipoic acid to provide an optimum environment for collagen repair.

Why should I buy the kit? Can I buy resurfacing acne scar serum only?

The three other products in this kit are not only essential part of your home regimen for scar treatment caused by acne but also have synergistic effects with the serum. More effective skin regeneration is only practical when the skin is provided with essential nutrients. Day Effect is responsible for supplying nutrients needed the most. Its healing properties are also in need during this period of using the kit. It prevents your complexion from getting red and dry. Use of the serum alone is not recommended and nor it would be as effective. Dermal Repair serum works deep within the dermis to correct collagen realignment. Dermal Repair helps with the skin protection and stimulation of connective tissue synthesis. Finally Facial Exfoliator helps to get rid of dead skin cells accumulated on the surface of the skin and let more effective penetration of corrective elements.

Considering my oily skin,why acne scar serum is oily, while most brands promote oil free products for acne prone complexion?

Unlike most other pharmaceutical companies, we believe combination skin will benefit from oily formulations, as long as the used oils are not pore clogging, by a physiological mechanism called “down regulation”. The drier we keep an oily epidermis the more likely the activation of sebaceous glands. Nourishing oils such as Jojoba, Rosehip and Borage by providing a layer very similar to that of a normal complexion cause acne prone complexion to decrease its own secretions. Oil free products are very likely to stimulate sebaceous glands to increase their skin surface lipids secretions. This acne scars treatment enjoys the most nourishing oils which are not pore clogging but provide the epidermis with a protective layer, which helps removal of embedded grime. Serious forms of adult acne like cysts may be aggravated by oil free pore clogging products.

There are many acne scar resurfacing procedures that one can choose from, how do I know which one suit my condition best?

Cost, recovery period, acne scar type, depth and location are among the most important factors that you should consider before making your decision for acne scar removal. It is very important to know that each method has its own pros and cons so each individual should decide for his/her own to choose the best method he/she feels most comfortable with. For example a 24 year old woman who still has breakouts from time to time, is not a good candidate for either laser resurfacing or dermabrasion. Any type of surgery procedure should be delayed for about 12 months after clearance of acne lesions as post inflammatory pigmentations have spontaneous treatment. More importantly consider your acne scar type before making your mind. Combination therapy becomes more popular with more effective results. The only disadvantage would be cost and downtime. The links on your right helps you with some more information about making your decision. Also on this site you can find information about different acne scars treatment resurfacing procedures that a plastic surgeon can do for you.

Why is it important to use acne scar serum and , acne scar cream, Day Effect, simultaneously one at night and the later during the day?

Acne scars treatment is a potent serum and a strong peeling agent with not much similarity to a chemical peel. It works on skin scarring resulted from acne of any type, please note most acne scars most commonly are of atrophic type, pitted that is. Resurfacing serum also eliminates skin’s discoloration and acne spots (brown hyperpigmentation spots left after an acne lesion healed). There are more than two reasons for use of Day Effect during the day. First, after any type of peeling, the face needs to be regularly moisturized, nourished and soothed. Since the top most layers have been removed by peeling, this protective organ need to be supplied with nutrients and also need to be protected more vigorously. The second reason for use of Day Effect is that generous moisturization of a peeled skin helps elimination of dead cells more efficiently. In addition, this corrective cream completes skin resurfacing work of acne scar treatment serum and it has synergistic effect with this night serum. This acne scar cream enriched with many anti aging ingredients and free radical scavengers to ensure your skin is protected against oxidative damage. Day Effect by itself is a skin retexturizer and its ability to tighten pores helps improve overall skin texture.

Can I use acne scar serum during the day?

We recommend Not to. High concentration of AHA’s may induce sun sensitivity. However, if you stay inside it is ok to use it as long as you are away from sun. Sun protection using a sunblock is always a good, healthy practice.

Important to read

Hippocrates regimen results in an effective elimination of skin scars, pigmentation spots and acne spots resulted from acne using gradual skin resurfacing and dermal stimulation and collagen repair. This method for acne scars treatment occurs using high potency serums. No matter which method to take acne scar resurfacing is a lengthy treatment requires patience. However, If you don’t see any improvement in the first month, the chance of improvement in later months is very remote.

Our research has developed a skin care tailored for damaged skin using high potency serums. This skin care system changes your skin dramatically within one month. What will be more noticeable is the glow and smoothness in your complexion rather than skin scars. Complete scar revision may never occur, yet, your skin will divert into a strikingly different complexion in terms of overall smoothness and radiance.

This regimen for removal of acne spots and acne scars takes six to twelve months to smooth away scarring, depends on their location type and depth. Resurfacing serum works on the surface of the skin, epidermis, as well as deep within the dermis layer. It benefits from retexturizing properties of different renewal agents such as retinol, AHAs, alpha hydroxy acids, and BHA’s, beta hydroxy acids, for skin reconstruction, powerful antioxidants as well as collagen repair by stimulation of growth factors. .

Acne scars treatment kit also provides the skin with the nutrients it needs the most to make up for lost nutrients while the epidermis involves with rigorous skin renewal. The result is a new skin, where scarring is hardly recognizable because overall smoothness of the skin overwhelms the gradually-disappearing scars. Our motto is, “we don not promise miracles, yet we do promise results”, not to insinuate doubt in effectiveness of our high potency serums but to warn against unrealistic expectations.

This skin resurfacing treatment changes the entire appearance of your skin from tone and texture to resiliency and smoothness. The skin becomes noticeably smoother and younger, while the appearance of acne scarring diminishes. General smoothness of your skin undermines the gradually disappearing scars. Stimulation of connective tissue fibers’ synthesis in dermis layer is another target of these serums to correct scarred skin. This kit helps to increase epidermal subepidermal micro circulation and stimulation of collagen remodeling, which is disrupted during scar formation. Please navigate through our site to become more familiar with the choices you have to treat acne scars.