Hippocrates newsletter June 2010

Fasting a new approach to anti aging diet


Recent studies introduces two major influences on aging process.
The first is calorie restriction and the second one’s insulin level.
“We found that within just 48 hours of being switched from a high nutrient intake to dietary restriction, flies were no more likely to die than those that had been under dietary restriction constantly throughout their adult life,” says one of the study’s authors, Linda Partridge, a professorial fellow in the department of biology at University College London. Calorie restriction is the only well-researched, effective means of retarding aging that is available to post-embryonic animals.
Only one intervention has been proven to extend both the average and maximum lifespan of all animal species tested: reducing the consumption of dietary calories, or caloric restriction (CR). [1-2] While widely recommended, exercise and nutritional supplementation have not been shown to extend maximum lifespan.
[3-5] Because CR extends maximum lifespan, scientists believe it actually slows the process of aging. CR is therefore used as a means to study the process of aging.

Calorie restrictions not the same as “going on a diet,” or simply eating less, or starving oneself. Simply eating a very low-fat diet could actually amount to mild calorie restriction. Indeed, as indicated above, the purported benefits of very low-fat diets may result partly, if not primarily, from the almost inevitable reduction in energy intake entailed by this way of eating. Another easy way to practice mild calorie restriction would be to get into
the habit of not eating to complete satiety.

Another way to practice mild calorie restriction is simply to skip lunch. This is probably the easiest way to practice mild calorie restriction. An additional potential benefit of skipping lunch is the prevention of late afternoon fatigue. A recent study suggested that this benefit could be quite striking.

A suggested method of fasting is the following: Do not eat till the dinner time. Try it for a week and then skip it for three weeks. If you can go on with it, keep it for as long as you can till it becomes a habit. We may suggest putting fish, olives, fresh fruits, multi grain bread before anything else in your shopping basket for a healthy skin. If you are to buy only one supplement, try grape seed extract.

Skin care tips and tricks

I have a date tonight and all I have is 45 minutes. My skin care products are limited to “Night Treatment kit”. What can I do?

Take a quick shower with cold water. It is very important to not use hot water. Scrub your face using circular movements with your fingertips. Any type of scrub cream or lotion you can find in a drugstore will do the job. Wash your face and apply “Day Effect” to your whole face and neck area generously ( a thicker layer is better). If you have “Day Treatment”, put it on before “Day Effect”. Your skin is just ready. If you’re not going to wear a makeup you’re ready to go. If you’re going to wear a makeup start it now. Remember this advice works best for those who are using “Night Treatment” or “Acne Scar Treatment” at nights.

Can I do a “mini-facial” at home using Night Treatment Kit?

Indeed. After a hot bath (remember you do a hot bath only once a week) apply a thick layer of Night Treatment on your skin. Before application make sure your skin is not red. If it is, the best option is to apply plenty of “Day Effect” while your skin is still moist. Do you have natural honey at home? If so add one teaspoon natural honey to one teaspoon “Day Effect”. Mix it up and leave it on your skin for 20-30 minutes. Wash it with cold water.

Why do I need “Day Effect” to nourish my skin, my circulation brings enough nutrients to my skin cells?

Two main reasons. First, as you age micro circulation of your skin diminishes. Second, when you ‘re asking your skin to peel off more by using Night Treatment, you should nourish it more because the nutrients becomes more essential. Day Effect is enriched with many anti aging ingredients and continues skin resurfacing work of Night Treatment during the day.

Puffy eyes & post-modernism

Let’s a take a closer look, what causes puffiness around the eye area?

The most well documented findings about puffy eyes relates this symptom with impaired lymph circulation. Even though, impaired lymph circulation could be the result of some present systemic diseases, stress and lack of physical activities comes in top of the list for the most common cause.

Allergies are among major causes. Allergic rhinitis, sinusitis can be associated with under eye puffiness.

Aggravating factors:
  • Sitting at your desk for long hours tiring your eyes by looking at the monitor’s screen
  • Lack of daily physical activities
  • Sleeping late at nights
  • Not taking enough sleep
  • Long hours at bed
  • Dehydration
  • Eating late at night just before going to bed
What can help eyes puffiness?
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3. Linda Partridge, Ph.D., professorial fellow, department of biology, University College London