Acne scar treatment products faq

Acne scar treatment products FAQs & Hippocrates advice

Can I use acne scars serum over the eye-area (eyelids and under eye)?
acne scar treatment products

Acne scar treatment products, conjoined skin resurfacing and dermal repair

Absolutely not. However, the serum must be used over entire face (except for eye area) and neck to confer an even tone complexion and also to be more effective. Do not try to use resurfacing serum on areas of acne scars only. After applying the acne scar treatment products, massaging your face for two three minutes helps tremendously with more penetration of essential nutrients.
My skin becomes scaly from time to time, what should I do with that?

This is a natural process of the epidermis to renew itself. Usually it takes the epidermis about 28 days to renew itself by removing old scales. This regimen for scar treatment makes this process much faster. The best way to get rid of surface scales is to scrub your face using your finger tips after you wash your face in the morning while your skin is still wet. Gently massage your face with your fingertips to remove surface skin debris. You can also use any scrub cream to make removal of flakes and dead epidermal cells easier. If you still breakout and have some active lesions of acne on your skin, scrubbing is not advisable and can lead to aggravation of your acne lesions.

I have a tingling sensation after applying acne scars treatment, what should I do?

It is quite natural. because of the acidic pH of the product. However, it will disappear after a few minutes. It will take a while to your skin to adapt to AHA’s. Please note that if tingling and hot sensation became too overwhelming, wash your face and do not use the serum for a night. Always check for redness before applying scar treatment serum if there is a visible redness, do not use the product for one night. The night after you can continue using the serum.

Should I cleanse my face before applying Hippocrates products?

Yes. Cleansing is an important primary step in any skin care regimen. Please apply the serum on cleansed dry skin.

How about scrubbing my face, is that ok to scrub my face during the time I’m using acne scar kit? How about microdermabrasion?

Yes, you can. It is highly suggested since scrubbing your face lets dead cells to fall off and soften your skin so that it improves the penetration of corrective products. Every week after a warm bath, start scrubbing your face and neck area using your fingertips with circular movements. Please note that if there is any trace of an active acne on your face, do not try to scrub your face. Do not use the serum the same day after a microdermabrasion treatment, you can use it the next day though. Other scar removal methods are rather invasive treatments and require skin healing for a few weeks. During this period acne scar treatment products should not be used.

I have already tried Glycolic Acid on my facial scar. It wasn’t effective. How acne scar treatment serum is different from Glycolic Acid products?

Hydroxy acids alone are only slightly effective on scars resulted from acne. It is not a complete eradication method. pH and concentration of AHA’s products could vary greatly, those are two major factors in determining efficacy of this acid.

These acne scar treatment products enjoys four different renewal treatment agents. They make renewal of the skin to happen faster than usual. One renewing agent won’t be as effective, since the skin adapts to renewing agents quite readily. Another factor that reduces effectiveness of different renewing agents is neutralization of the pH of the products. Scar removal serum is not neutralized.

Considering moderate effectiveness of AHA’s why Glycolic serum 30% is part of our therapeutic regimens for acne-damaged skin? This serum is used by plastic surgeons to perform a peeling. This is a strong peeling agent, even though not strongest. There are 50% and 70% solutions as well, performed only by professionals. We have experienced once-a-week peelings with Glycolic Acid 30% at home could be very helpful in scar reducing. So basically you use the serum every night and Glycolic30% once a week. There are a few more helpful skin care tips such as once a week scrubbing, which are very helpful. Also Day Effect (among the three piece kit) is a nourishing moisturizer which helps elimination of loosen flakes and moisturize your skin as well as helping the epidermis to rebuild itself by providing it with nutrients it needs the most. It is also very soothing and reduce inflammation, which especially aid inflammatory acne for instance cystic form of acne.

All three elements of three-piece kit are essential for to treat damaged skin effectively. Please note this kit is not a miracle for eradication of various types of acne scar entirely in a month. However, in six months you will be noticing considerable difference in depth of acne scarring. Radiance and smoothness will be more observable than scars and pigmentation resulted from acne. Also your skin tone and texture will be dramatically changed.

I have heard that glycolic acid burns off dead epidermal cells but then also burns live cells as well, is this true?

It does not burn skin cells, nor do other AHA’s. Our skin is defended by a layer of surface cells, technically referred to as the stratum corneum, which constantly renews and eliminates itself. Over time, natural cell reproduction and elimination begin to lag. The stratum corneum layer begins to thicken, slowing down the natural exchange process. Fewer new cells replace old ones which are shedding at a slower rate. Dead cells simply hang on, creating lines and wrinkles, rough cracked surface, lack of firmness, dull flaking complexion, pigmentation disorders and blemishes. Vigorous skin remodeling is the key to maintain a youthful complexion AHA’s such as glycolic acid for acne scars have been the subject of intense medical research and revealed amazing anti-aging properties such as:
A more rapid elimination dead cells that have stagnated at the surface and suffocated the skin, this is of importance in treating acne A stimulation of cell removal A reduction in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and surface discoloration An improvement in smoothing skin texture and softness AHA’s have the ability to gently “unglue” the bonds that hold the cells of the epidermis together, thus stimulating cell renewal and exfoliating dead cells that sit on the surface.

I still have acne breakouts from time to time, but I am concerned about few scar I have here and there on my face. Can I start acne scar kit?

If you are still breaking out, you’d better continue with acne treatment to clear your complexion first. Scars are consequence of acne so it is wise to treat the root cause first. Acne treatment it help with your acne-caused lesions as well in a slower rate. Infection and inflammation are two major problems in severe acne and even milder forms. These two culprits have been greatly considered and addressed in bioengineering of acne kit. Severe acne should be consulted with a dermatologist.

I am using the acne scar cream for about a month now. My face gets red sometimes and I don’t feel comfortable going out with a red face, what should I do?

Acne scar treatment serum is a potent concentrated formula, it might gives some redness especially in very fair-skin individuals. Please read serum application first, there you can find how to treat your redness. Basically you are in charge of the redness and its facial removal. Check out your face each night before using the serum, if there is a marked redness on your face, avoid using the serum that night. Instead you can apply Day Effect, acne scar cream, to heal your skin and get rid of redness. The night after you can continue use of the serum.

I am using Retin-A (retinoids) for treatment of some skin scars now, how can I incorporate this kit into my regimen? Does use of Retin-A along with the scar kit improves the final result?

It is very possible to incorporate Retin-A and our acne scar treatment products into your scar treatment regimen. Use them on alternative nights, which means one night retin-A the night after the Serum. You can use Day Effect everyday. Adding Retin-A to your therapeutic regimen improves the result between 10-20%. Pigmentations fade away slightly faster.

I am using another product at nights. How can I bring Hippocrates renewal kit into my regimen?

Remember this formulation is a MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SERUM. Serum-based acne scar treatment products will retexturize and renew your skin while it does nourish and protect with micro nutrients necessitated the most. It also take care of freckles and age spots and even tone your complexion. If you would like to see its skin resurfacing results you may use the treatment every night “alone” for a period of at least six months.

If I want to add one more product to my resurfacing regimen, what that would be?

Acne scar treatment products are complete anti aging care, so while you are using it you do not need any more skin care products. Lines, wrinkles, skin tone and sagginess as well as hyperpigmentation spots, freckles and acne scarring will be taken care of. We recommend use of “Eye Treatment” for under eye area and also “Mask Rejuvenating” for once a week use for more effective resurfacing. This mask should not be used on red, irritated face.

Does Glycolic acid really damage my skin?

All resurfacing methods used to improve appearance of scars and acne spots are associated with some degree of epidermal irritability, this includes laser resurfacing, chemical peels, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion and even scrubbing your face at home. This is simply because the most superficial layers are removed, that makes it more exposed to environmental harshness. Simultaneously, appropriate resurfacing methods can cause collagen remodeling, synthesis and an increases in the dermal layer thickness. It is this irritation that stimulate natural healing mechanisms which activate collagen remodeling development and helps with scar elimination. The skin appears firmer, more plump and revitalized. However, after these treatments or while using acne scar treatment products, wearing a sunscreen becomes a must. Here you can find more information on glycolic acid and its effect on the skin.

Why your packaging is so simple?

We strive so hard to keep our pricing as low as we can so we can provide our acne scar treatment products to broader range of audience rather than offering them only to the rich. We understand how skin conditions can cause distress in your life and our goal here is to help and to serve you better. Having this mission we keep the packaging simple and spend mostly on ingredients and formulation of our products.